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All about "Grooming scissors"

Choosing grooming scissors for dogs and cats is not always easy.

Which Grooming Scissors to Choose?

If you have a preferred brand, then it's quite easy. A wide selection of dog and cat scissor brands. We offer brands such as Jaguar, Kutch, Witte GMBH & CO, Optimum Classic (beginner), Optimum Blue Ray (semi-pro), Optimum Light & Extra-Light, Optimum Prestige, Optimum Rose Pearl, Optimum Black Titanium, Optimum Japan Style Solingen (professional razor effect), Optimum Solingen (professional Solingen quality).

Choosing the Right Grooming Scissors for Dogs

If that's not the case, start by choosing based on your needs. That is, according to the range of scissors (below). There are three different ranges for three specific expectations. The special beginner range because you have to start somewhere, the semi-professional range that offers higher-quality scissors at an affordable price, and the professional range that meets the requirements of true grooming and scissor-cutting professionals.

Of course, you can also choose directly based on the types of scissors. The straight scissors, the curved scissors, thinning scissors for dogs (texturizer), blending scissors (sculptor), texturizing scissors "fishbone scissors" for dogs, scissors for sensitive areas.

Don't forget to sharpen and maintain your scissors every 3 to 4 months. We also have grooming scissor pouches and storage holders.


What Are the Different Types of Grooming Scissors for Dogs and Cats Used For?

Straight Scissors for Dogs

Straight scissors are used to cut hair. They have two solid blades.

Curved Scissors for Dogs

Curved scissors are used for mustaches and the contours of ears, paws, and body curves.

Thinning Scissors for Dogs

Thinning scissors for thinning hair have two serrated blades. They have fewer teeth than sculpting scissors. They are clearly designed for thinning, although they can also be used for opening knots.

Sculpting Scissors for Dogs

Sculpting scissors for creating hair gradients or blenders have one straight blade and one serrated blade. This allows cutting multiple hair lengths at once. This is done to soften the marks from clippers or scissors.

Texturizing Scissors "Fishbone Scissors" for Dogs

Texturizing scissors have one straight blade and one serrated blade. The difference lies in the shape of the teeth, which resemble fishbone tails. Fishbone scissors are used to give a natural look to the coat during the finishing stage.

Scissors for Sensitive Areas for Dogs.

Scissors for sensitive areas are dedicated to the sensitive areas of dogs and cats.

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