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All about "Transport bag"

Dog Travel Bag: Safe Strolls

Give your dog worry-free walks with our selection of travel bags. Ideal for older dogs, small breeds, or those with reduced mobility, these lightweight and easy-to-use bags are perfect for keeping your companion by your side, even on long journeys. Don't leave your dog at home due to fatigue or city crowds. Opt for a travel bag and explore our usage tips in this section.

What Are the Different Types of Dog Carrier Bags?

There are various types of dog carrier bags.

The dog backpack is very comfortable for both the owner and the dog. It is primarily worn on the back but can also be used occasionally on the front. The backpack can support dogs up to 8kg in weight.

The central dog carrier bag is ideal for calm walks, even with slightly timid animals. The bag's position allows the dog to feel protected and at ease, leaving your hands free for petting.

The front dog carrier bag is very comfortable for both the owner and the dog. It is worn on the front and is suitable for dogs weighing up to 4kg.

The bowling bag for dog travel can be carried in three ways: by hand, over the shoulder, or crossbody. It can also be placed on a suitcase or trolley if needed.

Why Use a Dog Backpack?

Especially for small dogs and puppies, a dog backpack or handbag is an excellent way to ease your pet's burden when walking becomes challenging, such as during long journeys or extended strolls. Keep in mind that small dogs need to exert more effort to cover the same distance as you. In a backpack, they have a better view of their surroundings and feel more comfortable. In case of injury or the dog's inability to move, dog carrier bags are a practical solution for transporting them to the vet, often more convenient than traditional dog crates for lightweight dogs.

How to Choose a Dog Travel Bag?

When purchasing a dog travel bag, look for one with the following criteria:

- Security against escapes (secure closure, chest harness, or a clip for a short leash).

- Your comfort (padding, wide and flexible straps).

- Your dog's comfort (soft interior lining, padding, rigid or shape-retaining design, waterproofness).

- Air circulation (breathable materials, models with mesh or ventilation slots).

- Weight capacity (consider your dog's weight, food, accessories, etc.).

How to Clean a Dog Carrier Bag?

To effectively clean polyester and other synthetic fiber dog backpacks and bags, use a damp cloth. Many models have removable and machine-washable covers.

How to Get Your Pet Accustomed to a Dog Backpack?

To acclimate your dog to a dog backpack, start in a familiar environment, allowing your dog to adjust to limited movement. Reward good behavior with treats. Then, carry the backpack on your shoulder with your dog inside for a few minutes. If everything goes smoothly, you're ready to go. For added safety during car journeys, consider dog transport crates, which offer increased rigidity and reduce the risk of injury during shocks. You can find a variety of dog backpacks and transport crates in the Vivog online store.

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