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All about "Dog walking"

What equipment is needed to walk a dog?

There are several essential pieces of equipment needed to walk a dog safely.

  •      The collar or harness keeps the dog under control and attaches the leash.
  •      The leash allows you to maintain control of the dog during the walk and prevents it from running away.
  •      Poop bags are needed to pick up dog feces to maintain a clean and healthy environment for everyone.
  •      If the walk is long or in hot weather, it is important to hydrate the dog, by bringing a dog bowl or so-called "travel" bowl.
  •      Treats are useful to reward the dog for good behavior during the walk.
  •      To secure night walks, it is recommended to put a collar and/or a luminous leash on the dog. Thus the dog and the walker are better seen by the drivers.

Tips for Having a Great Walk with Your Dog



Video "Minute Papillon" by Martin: "How to Have the Best Walk for My Dog?"


Understanding Your Dog's Needs: Distinguishing Hygienic Walks from Social Outings


First and foremost, it's essential to differentiate between hygienic walks, which primarily serve to meet dogs' physiological needs, and other types of outings (group or individual walks). Hygienic walks should take place several times a day to allow dogs to urinate and defecate. However, even though these outings are frequent, they do not suffice to address other important needs of the animal, such as socialization, physical activity, and mental exploration.

So, What Makes an Ideal Walk?

Every dog needs daily walks, whether you have a yard or not. A quality walk should be adapted to your dog's pace, age, and physical condition. It is recommended to use a leash that is 3 to 5 meters long in the city and 10 to 15 meters long in the forest or fields, preferably with a Y or H-shaped harness or a flat collar. Puppies need shorter, more frequent walks of about 15 minutes, while an adult dog should have longer, less frequent walks, ideally at least 45 minutes per day.

How to Meet Your Dog's Needs?

Understanding your dog's various needs is crucial:

  • Social and Mental Needs: Dogs require interactions with other dogs of different sizes, breeds, body shapes, and ages. It is essential never to force a dog to approach other dogs but rather to respect their choice, observe them, and listen to them. Group walks are ideal for meeting this need.

  • Exploration Needs: Exploration is essential for dogs as it allows them to understand the world around them, learn new things, and stimulate their minds. Allowing your dog to sniff during walks enables them to gather information, communicate, and strengthen bonds. Both group and individual walks provide opportunities for exploration.

  • Physical Needs : The duration, distance, and intensity of walks should be adapted according to your dog's endurance and physical needs. Physical activities are essential to maintain your dog's health and influence their behavior.

It is crucial to remember that each walk should be designed to meet your dog's specific needs. Therefore, it is essential to adapt to your dog to ensure that their essential needs are met.

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