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All about "Coat"

Dog coats: A must-have for winter

Winter is coming, and with it, the cold weather. To protect our dogs from the harshness of the season, it is important to take some precautions. Among these, the use of a dog coat is essential.

Why are dog coats important?

Small dogs and/or dogs with short hair are particularly sensitive to the cold. Their fur does not provide them with enough protection against cold temperatures, and they can quickly become hypothermic.

The dog coat therefore plays a crucial role in protecting these animals. It helps them to maintain their body heat, and reduces the risk of cold-related diseases, such as colds, bronchitis, or ear infections.

What coats to choose?

There are many different styles of dog coats available on the market. It is important to choose a coat that is appropriate for the size, breed, and needs of your pet.

For small dogs, it is recommended to choose a coat that covers the belly. The belly is a sensitive area, and prolonged exposure to the cold can be problematic for the animal's thermal regulation.

Polar fleece or wool coats are particularly effective at keeping dogs warm. It is also important to choose a waterproof coat to protect your pet from rain and snow.

How to get your dog used to wearing a coat?

It is important to get your dog used to wearing a coat gradually. Start by letting them sniff the coat, then let them try it on for a few minutes. Repeat the exercise several times until your dog is comfortable with the coat.

Don't forget to reward your dog when they wear the coat. This will help them to associate the coat with positive experiences.


The dog coat is an essential accessory to protect our dogs from the harshness of winter. By choosing a coat that is right for your pet, you can guarantee them a comfortable and safe winter.

Here are some additional tips for protecting your dog from the cold in winter:

  •     Limit the duration of walks in winter, especially if the temperatures are very low.
  •     Monitor your dog closely during walks, and return home if they seem tired or uncomfortable.
  •     Offer your dog a diet rich in calories and nutrients to help them maintain their body temperature.
  •     If your dog has damaged paw pads, use a repair balm to protect them from the elements.

By following these tips, you can help your dog have a pleasant and healthy winter.

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