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All about "Grooming tub"

Bathtubs for Professional Dog Groomers

The uniqueness of Vivog dog and cat bathtubs lies in their very simple installation and adaptability to all situations. It's up to you to choose the model that suits you best. Whether you are 1.60 meters or 1.90 meters tall and depending on the size of the dog or cat you are grooming, you can adjust the height of the bathtub for the groomer's comfort.

Because it's not always easy to choose a grooming bathtub, here is a practical guide to selecting professional equipment for bathing dogs and cats. It's quite simple, as you just need to answer a few questions.

By answering these questions, a groomer can make an informed decision when purchasing a bathtub suitable for their specific needs.

What will be the use of the Vivog professional grooming bathtub in your salon?

This is an essential question. You may tell us that you will be washing dogs and cats in it. But do you know that there are also hydro-massage SPA bathtubs for dogs and cats? Indeed, technologies dedicated to the well-being and relaxation of animals are becoming more common. So, you have the choice between two types of bathtubs:

  1. Traditional bathtubs for bathing dogs and cats.
  2. Spa and hydro-massage bathtubs to provide well-being treatments for dogs and cats.

What size of dogs and cats will you be washing in the grooming bathtub?

If you only groom cats,

If you specialize in cat grooming, then we have the perfect bathtub for cats and small spaces.

If you groom dogs and cats,

Vivog has designed a complete range of bathtubs for both canine and feline grooming. Whether you're grooming Bichons, Cockers, or Newfoundlands, Vivog has the bathtub you need.

What is the available space for a grooming bathtub in your salon?

Is it large or small? Do you have tiled walls or not? What color are the walls? Thanks to the various sizes and colors of bathtubs we offer, you can choose the one that best suits the surface and ambiance of your salon.

If your walls are tiled, you can either buy polyethylene bathtubs or buy stainless steel grooming bathtubs with integrated walls. If they are not tiled, to prevent splashes, we recommend stainless steel bathtubs with integrated walls.

What is the most comfortable height for the professional grooming bathtub for you?

Consider your own height and ensure that the bathtub's height is ergonomic to avoid strain and discomfort.

How to get a dog into a bathtub?

Comfort is not just about pleasure; it's also about being able to groom easily for years without back problems. Because our canine friends can sometimes be quite heavy to lift, and even if they are small, repeating the same motion can have the same consequences.

For this, several solutions are possible:

To get the dog into the bathtub:

  • Dog stairs,
  • Ramp for the large stainless steel bathtub for dogs,
  • And the best option: an electric chassis to lower and raise the bathtub.

To elevate the dog or cat in the bathtub:

  • Bathtub risers,
  • And again, the best option: an electric chassis to adjust the bathtub's height to your own.

What are the materials and durability of the grooming bathtub?

Look for a bathtub made of sturdy and easy-to-clean materials for long-term use. When choosing between a polyethylene or stainless steel (inox) dog bathtub, consider the following factors:

  • Durability: Stainless steel is generally considered more durable than polyethylene. It withstands scratches, impacts, and daily wear better.
  • Ease of cleaning: Both materials are relatively easy to clean, but stainless steel tends to be more stain-resistant and easier to wipe.
  • Chemical resistance: If you frequently use grooming products containing harsh chemicals, stainless steel is preferable as it is more resistant to chemical corrosion than polyethylene.
  • Hygiene: Stainless steel has a smoother, more bacteria-resistant surface, making it a hygienic choice for grooming bathtubs. However, high-quality polyethylene can also be hygienic if properly maintained.
  • Comfort for animals: Stainless steel can feel colder to the touch, which may not be as comfortable for wet dogs. Polyethylene has a more neutral temperature and can be more pleasant for animals.
  • Budget: Stainless steel is generally more expensive than polyethylene. Consider your budget and look for options that match your financial resources.
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