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All about "Cat tree"

What is the purpose of a cat tree?

The cat tree and the scratching post for cats are essential for the well-being of a cat, whether they primarily live indoors or outdoors. The cat tree allows cats to exercise, rest, or isolate themselves. The cat scratchers on the trees enable cats to sharpen their claws, reducing stress by keeping them occupied. They come in various shapes and sizes to cater to specific needs in homes, apartments, and lofts. They serve as genuine play and rest stations, providing the necessary comfort for cats.

Why buy a cat tree?

Cat trees are an excellent way to keep your cat active and healthy. These products offer a safe and comfortable space for your cat to climb, jump, and play while also providing a place to rest and hide. Cat trees can also be a great way to keep your cat engaged, which can help reduce stress and prevent undesirable behaviors caused by boredom.

How to choose the best cat tree with a scratching post?

Choosing the best cat tree with a scratching post can be challenging. You need to consider several factors such as the size and style of the tree, the quality and safety of the materials used, and the number and size of scratching posts. Additionally, you should select a tree that matches your cat's characteristics and fulfills their needs.

Buying an affordable cat tree

If you're looking for an affordable cat tree, you're in luck at Vivog as we offer several models of cat trees at various prices.

A small cat tree, an affordable option

A small cat tree can provide your cat with an indoor play and exercise space, a stimulating environment, a comfortable spot to rest and hide while being cost-effective and taking up minimal space. It's an excellent choice for cat owners who want to provide their cat with an indoor play area but have limited space or a tight budget.

XXL Cat tree / Maine Coon cat tree

XXL cat trees are an excellent way to entertain your cat and provide them with a space for play, rest, and relaxation. These cat trees are generally larger than standard ones and offer more climbing and hiding space. XXL cat trees also feature multiple levels, cabins, toys, and platforms, making them a great investment for any cat.

Design cat tree / Original cat tree

Design cat trees are a great way to fulfill your cat's climbing instinct while adding a decorative touch to your room. Design cat trees come in a variety of colors and shapes and can be tailored to your interior.

What are the advantages of wooden cat trees?

Wooden cat trees offer numerous advantages for both your cat and you. They are durable and resistant to wear and tear, lasting for many years. Additionally, wooden cat trees are safer for your cat as they don't produce static electricity or heat. Lastly, wooden cat trees are aesthetic and easily blend into your decor.

Where is the best place to put a cat tree?

The best place to put a cat tree is in a quiet and safe area of the house where your cat can rest and keep an eye on the rest of the house. It's important to place it away from areas with a lot of movement and noise, as this can scare your cat.

How to choose a cat tree that suits your needs?

When choosing a cat tree, consider several factors. Firstly, consider your cat's size and weight to ensure the tree is sturdy enough to support them. Check that the cat tree has enough platforms and spaces for your cat to feel comfortable. Lastly, ensure the cat tree is safe and comfortable for your cat. 

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