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All about "Rest"

Give Your Dog a Bubble of Well-being with Our Dog Beds and Cushions

Discover a wide collection of dog beds and cushions on Vivog's online store that seamlessly blend comfort and aesthetics. We offer a vast variety of choices to meet all your four-legged companion's needs. You can be assured of finding a bed that will provide your dog with great comfort while satisfying your aesthetic preferences.

Browse our complete selection of plush sleeping options for your furry friend, ensuring well-deserved rest. We provide an extensive range of solutions so that your dog can lounge in absolute comfort, all with a touch of style.

How to Choose the Ideal Bed for Your Dog?

When selecting a bed for your dog, aesthetics should not be the only criterion. It is essential that it meets the specific needs of your loyal companion. Durability is also a key factor to consider for any dog bed, cushion, or mattress.

The size of the bed is another crucial aspect to take into consideration. A bed that is too spacious for a small dog may make them lose the sense of security and intimacy. It is advisable to opt for bedding that suits your dog's size, even considering replacing it as they grow.

If you prefer easy maintenance, you have the option to choose a machine-washable bed or cushion. This will make your task easier when it's time to clean your dog's resting place, ensuring cleanliness and freshness.

What Is the Ideal Size for Your Dog's Bed?

Choosing an appropriate bed is essential for your dog's well-being and sleep quality. It is crucial that your companion can rest safely, without the risk of falling or slipping. Therefore, it is imperative that the bed's surface is sufficiently spacious and deep.

In our online store, Vivog offers a variety of beds designed for small and medium-sized dogs, as well as models suited for larger dogs. You can choose the ideal size to allow your dog to relax in complete serenity and enjoy peaceful nights.

What Is the Ideal Location for a Dog Cushion?

The ideal location for a dog cushion depends on your pet's comfort and your personal preferences. However, here are some general tips to help you choose the optimal location:

  • Near Your Presence: Dogs are social animals that enjoy being close to their family. Placing the cushion in a frequently used room, such as the living room, will allow your dog to feel included in the family's life.
  • Away from Disturbances: If your dog needs peace and privacy, place the cushion in a quiet corner of the house, away from noisy and busy areas.
  • Protected from Drafts: Ensure that the chosen location is not exposed to cold drafts, as this can make your dog uncomfortable.
  • In the Shade: If you place the cushion outdoors, make sure it is in the shade to protect your dog from direct sunlight.
  • Close to Their Water Bowl: It's convenient to place the cushion near your dog's water bowl for easy access to hydration.
  • On a Clean and Level Surface: Make sure the floor under the cushion is clean, dry, and level for your dog's comfort.

The ideal location will vary based on your dog's needs and preferences, so observe their behavior to determine what suits them best.

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