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All about "Grooming table"


What are the essentials for grooming?

Dog grooming table

The grooming table is part of the essential equipment for the groomer.

The gallows, straps and chains for the grooming table

The straps or plastic chains attached to the stem help keep the dog in place and ensure its safety.

What are the advantages of the dog and cat grooming table?

Groom at the right height

It is unthinkable to groom a dog or a cat without a grooming table. The grooming table allows the groomer to work comfortably at the right height. For even more comfort, there are different models of grooming tables that allow you to adjust the height of the table using a pedal: hydraulic grooming tables (without electrical connections) or electric grooming tables. Some so-called "folding" grooming tables can also be adjusted in height.

Safe grooming

The dog grooming table has the advantage of being stable and having a non-slip top to prevent the dog or cat from slipping. The grooming tables are equipped or can be equipped with a bracket which allows the animal to be attached, at the level of the belly and the collar, throughout the grooming session and thus to ensure its safety.

Groom cleanly

The grooming table is easy to maintain, in fact, the tray is generally made of materials that are easy to clean and disinfect.

How to choose your Vivog dog grooming table?

It is important to take into account a number of criteria before buying a grooming table:
- The size of the dogs you will have to groom
- What is the maximum weight of the animal that the table can support?
- Do I need to have a grooming table that is height adjustable?
- Do I need a portable grooming table?
- The ease of cleaning the table

To answer all his questions, there are different types of grooming table.

The folding canine grooming table

The Folding Grooming Table is ideal for home groomers and dog or cat show attendees. It is lightweight and easily transported flat. In addition, its price is very attractive.
See our selection of folding grooming tables

The professional hydraulic grooming table

The hydraulic grooming table can lift small and medium dogs. The hydraulic cylinder allows the table to be raised or lowered to always work at the right height.
See our selection of hydraulic grooming tables

The professional electric grooming table

The electric dog grooming table must be attached to an electrical outlet so that the height of the table can be adjusted gently for the animal. It has the advantage of lifting the biggest dogs.
Discover all electric grooming tables

How to place a dog on a grooming table?

Place the dog on the grooming table so that he feels comfortable and secure. Use a plastic strap or chain to hold him in place and a soft towel to wrap him up and calm him down. Once the dog is settled, start with brushing and petting to get him used to this new routine.

How to tie a dog to a grooming table?

To attach a dog to a grooming table, it is important to use a strap or chain specially designed for this purpose. The strap should be snug so that the dog cannot break free. The strap should be attached to a pole attached to the grooming table to hold the dog in place. Make sure the grooming strap is long enough for the dog to move around on the table, but not so long that he can jump off the table.

Which height-adjustable grooming table to choose to relieve the back?

To save your back, choose a height-adjustable grooming table. At Vivog, choose an electric grooming table or a hydraulic grooming table.

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