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All about "Drying"


What Drying Equipment Does a Groomer Need?

Drying is both a delicate and time-consuming operation. Before using a blower and a dryer, it is essential to wipe and absorb as much moisture from the animal's coat as possible. For this, you can use an ultra-absorbent PVA or microfiber grooming towel. However, for even more optimal results, consider using a microfiber dog bathrobe, known for its extraordinary absorption capacity.

Subsequently, the groomer will use either a grooming blower or a 2-in-1 blower/dryer, which are essential tools for removing trapped water from the animal's fur. It is important to note that the quality of drying is inseparable from the final quality of the grooming service. Therefore, it is imperative to have dryers with exceptional technical performance that also provide comfort for both the groomer and the animal. Criteria such as lightweight design, maneuverability, durability, performance, longevity, versatility, safety, and aesthetics are all taken into account in the design of VIVOG dryers and blowers, ensuring a response to all these requirements.

Depending on the type of animal's coat and the desired grooming result, the groomer may also require the use of a straightener specially designed for dogs. This versatility and commitment to quality make VIVOG products a preferred choice for grooming professionals.


When a groomer is looking for drying equipment, here are some questions they can ask:

  • What is the power of the dryer, and is it suitable for the various types of dog coats I will be working on? First and foremost, it is essential to determine the dryer's power. Is it sufficient to handle a variety of dog coat types? Different dogs have coats with distinct characteristics, and it is crucial that the dryer can adapt to these differences.
  • Does the dryer have temperature and speed settings to accommodate the specific needs of each dog? Another consideration is the presence of temperature and speed settings. Each dog's drying needs vary due to factors such as the season, breed, or the condition of the coat. Therefore, the dryer should offer adjustment options to precisely suit each situation.
  • What accessories are available for the dryer, such as nozzles and drying attachments, to facilitate precise and efficient drying? Accessories play a crucial role in drying efficiency. Nozzles and drying attachments enable targeting specific areas, making precise drying easier. It is wise to check the availability of these accessories and their compatibility with the dryer.
  • Is the dryer quiet enough to minimize stress in noise-sensitive dogs? The well-being of animals is at the heart of the grooming profession, and the noise level of the dryer can influence a dog's stress levels. Opting for a sufficiently quiet dryer is essential, especially for noise-sensitive dogs, to create a calming work environment.
  • Is the dryer easy to handle and ergonomic for prolonged use? Finally, the maneuverability of the dryer is a major criterion. Groomers may spend long hours using this equipment, so it is important that it is ergonomic and easy to handle to prevent fatigue and ensure comfortable prolonged use.

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